Research Positions at Istituto Pasteur Italia - Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti


The laboratory of Dr. John Hiscott is seeking to recruit advanced scientific researchers (PhD student or post-doctoral fellow) who are interested in investigating immunotherapeutic approaches to the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Specifically, the laboratory studies the innate and adaptive immune response in virus-host interactions and the evaluation of how signaling to the innate immune response may shape adaptive immunity. Research projects in the laboratory include: 1) molecular interactions regulating the host innate immune response to RNA virus infection; 2) immunometabolic regulation of the antiviral response; and 3) development of oncolytic viruses for cancer therapy. Please consult PubMed for a complete list of relevant publications.


Candidates with a strong background in the areas of cellular immunology, molecular biology, and virology are encouraged to apply. Strong written and oral communications skills in English are necessary. Postdoctoral candidates must have demonstrated independent scientific expertise with the publication of first author paper(s). Any appropriate combination of education, certifications, and/or relevant work experience will be considered. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Applicants are invited to forward their CV, letter of interest and names of three references to Prof. John Hiscott at: